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Sergeant Carl Newton Riggs was a non-commissioned officer in Easy Company.

Early Life[]

Carl N. Riggs was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in August of 1920. He attended Watsonville High School in California for three years before moving to Salinas to work at a local ranch.

Military Service[]

Riggs enlisted in the US Army on August 9. 1942. After completing basic training, Riggs volunteered to become a paratrooper. He was eventually assigned to Easy Company, 506th PIR and completed his jump training with the unit at Fort Benning, Georgia. Sometime prior to the invasion of Normandy, Riggs was promoted to sergeant and served in the Company HQ section as a communications sergeant.

On D-Day, Sergeant Riggs, alongside most of Easy's HQ section, was killed in action when his plane was struck by anti-aircraft fire and crashed in the fields of Normandy. His remains were recovered and buried at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.