Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Strayer (1910 - 2002) was the battalion commander for a time over Easy Company, during World War Two. Robert supported the making of Band of Brothers but had a tough time watching the entire series.

Military ServiceEdit

As a Major, in 1942 he was given command of the 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. In 1945 he was made Executive Officer (XO) of the 506th PIR, and his position as 2nd Battalion CO was filled by Major Richard D. Winters. During his service he earned four Bronze Stars, one Silver Star and one Purple Heart.

After The WarEdit

Strayer married Mildred Strong of Chuckey, Tennessee, an Army nurse, on January 12, 1942. He retired from the army after the end of World War II. Strayer and his wife settled down in Pennsylvania where Strayer found work as an insurance salesman. In 1978 the couple retired to St. Petersburg, Florida, where Strayer died December 18, 2002. His wife died on July 5, 2009. They are both interred at Arlington National Cemetery.