Patrick O'Keefe is a former paratrooper and replacement, who served with Easy Company.



Patrick was born April. 3rd, 1926 in Northampton, Massacusetts, USA. When the war was underway in the 1940s, O'Keefe enlisted but was only shipped out for service by 1945.

He served with Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. As a replacement, he arrived in Germany, eager to see action. He was present when the 506th liberated Landsberg Concentration Camp, this scene is documented in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. He was portrayed by Matt Hickey.

In Band of BrothersEdit

O'Keefe is first seen alongside Sergeant Frank Perconte. They are going to take over duty of a machine gun position surveying a possible German controlled site,albeit with little but movement.

O'Keefe quickly busies himself tidying the area up and prepares the machine gun while Perconte keeps getting his name wrong as he orders the private stop bothering. O'Keefe begins to sing while looking down the site on the machine gun, causing Perconte to tell him off. O'Keefe corrects him yet again, infuriating Perconte who proceeds to explain why no one remembers his name - because he's a replacement who, like the rest of them, wants to see action but they all end up being wounded and beg for their mother. This unsettles O'Keefe who goes quiet and leaves the machine gun still. Perconte lies next to him, confessing he hasn't seen home in over two years.

When the company are moving out to another town, he joins in the singing but is mocked by the others for his high voice. Perconte also gets his name wrong again while mocking him. While they are driving, O'Keefe sees a French officer execute three Nazi's mercilessly, making O'Keefe uneasy despite how calm the other soldiers are.

O'Keefe is present when the Company find a concentration camp that the Nazis kept Jews, Poles and Romani in. He is greatly saddened and cries, realising the horrors of war. (Why We Fight)

After the warEdit

O'Keefe died in his hometown of Rockville on February 8th, 2003