Corporal George Higgins was an enlisted man with the men in Easy Company.


George Higgins was born in 1918. He enlisted into Easy Company and was trained at Camp Toccoa by Captain Herbert Sobel. In Aldborne England, he was in the same squad as Sobel also was one to hear Technician 4th Grade George Luz mimic Major Oliver Horton. He once carried a Thompson Machine Gun.

He partook on D-Day and later in Operation Market Garden with Sergeant Randleman's squad. He also was one to witness the terrifying moments that four men died. Private James Miller and Private First Class Robert van Klinken were among the casualties while he was with Randleman. As the forces pulled back to the army trucks, Randleman, his platoon Sergeant, was missing in action. During Operation Market Garden, he carried a BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) and took part in the Crossroads and survived it. However, Corporal Dukeman told him to kill the kraut as Captain Richard Winters and the men he was with pulled back.

Among the wounded were Leo D. Boyle and David Kenyon Webster. Later, he took part in the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne and later Foy. He can be seen sitting on top of a Cannon singing, right before Mellet was killed.

He went all the way through to Germany and Austria until the end of the war.