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The Battle of the Bulge

"Bastogne" is the 6th Episode of Band of Brothers. It follows Medic Eugene Roe as he tries to treat the many men getting wounded during the Battle of the Bulge.

He meets a Belgian nurse when a man gets wounded, leading to the pair developing a bond.

The pair discuss how healing the soldiers feels like. Roe tries to convince her it's a good thing as her touch calms them and that it's a gift. She rebukes saying it feels more like a curse. Sometime later they both attempt to save a man's life but are unable to do so, leaving the two sad, frustrated, and bitter.

One night, the Germans bomb the town which leads a disheartened Eugene to learn she had died. When he returns to the front lines, he calls his fellow foxhole man by his nickname, "Babe." This is significant, because it's the first time he uses anyone's nickname.

The episode ends with the men preparing for the much harsher winter that approaches while also preparing for the battle for the town of Foy.

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