Eeasy Company had 3 platoons. 2nd platoon was originally led by 2nd Lieutanant Lewis Nixon (later made Batallion Staff) and Richard Winters (made CO in Normandy). 1st Lieutanant Lynn "Buck" Compton was made the assisstant platoon leader.He eventually became the platoon leader but was taken out due to a bad case of trenchfoot. 1st Sergeant (later made 2nd Lieutanant by battlefield commsion) Carwood C.Lipton commanded the platoon until Foy. SSgt. Don Malarkey took charge of the the platoon for the rest of the war though platoons can only be led by a lieutanant.

Members of 2nd PlatoonEdit

Mostly Toccoa men but many replacements came in and some Toccoa men are also missed.

Staff Sergeant "Chuck" Grant (fatally wounded in Zell am See, Austria)

Staff Sergeant Joe Toye (wounded in Bastogne)

Staff Sergeant William "Wild Bill" Guarnere (wounded in Bastogne)

Technican 5th Grade Joseph D. Liebgott

Sergeant Warren H. Muck (KIA Bastogne)

Pfc. Alex Penkala (KIA Bastogne)

Technical Sergeant Donald G. Malarkey 

Pfc. Edward "Babe" Heffron

Pvt. Martinez

SSgt. Earl E. "One Lung" McClung

Pvt. Eugene Jackson (KIA Hagenau)

Sergeant Rober "Popeye" Wynn

1st Sergeant Carwood C.Lipton was the senior NCO (who later got a battlefield commission to 2nd Lieutanant)

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