Easy Company had three platoons. 1st Platoon was originally led by 2nd Lieutanant Salve H.Matheson but later by Harry F.Welsh. Harry was injured in Bastogne so Lieutanant Foley took over 1st platoon. He led the platoon during the assualt on Foy and remained in command.

Members of 1st platoon:Edit

Mostly Toccoa men but many replacements came in and some Toccoa men also remained.

Technican 4th Grade Frank Perconte

Technican 4th Grade George Luz

Staff Sergeant Denever Randleman led the 3rd squad: Pvt. Lester Hashey (wounded in the back in Bastogne)- Replacement , T/5 Antonio C.Garcia- Replacement , Pvt. James W.Miller (KIA Holland)

Pvt. Albert Blithe

Cpl. William Dukeman (KIA The Crossroads, Holland)

Pfc. David Kenyon Webster(later assigned to 2nd platoon in Hagenau)

Cpl. Donald Hoobler (KIA Bastogne)

Pfc. Robert van Klinken

Pvt. Roy W.Cobb

Staff Sergeant John W.Martin

Technicial Sergeant Burton P. Christenson

Pvt. Kenneth J. Webb (KIA in Foy)

Staff Sergeant Floyd M.Talbert (demoted from 1st Sergeant)

Sergeant Roderick G.Strohl

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